About Us

Welcome to Girly Network

Vision: A society which is socially, economically, politically and intellectually vibrant.

Mission: To empower women and girls to mitigate factors that increase their vulnerability.

Core values/Guiding principles

  1. Dignity and Justice:

Every human being is endowed with a variety of talents and capacities; thus, all persons, irrespective of their gander and social status or other differences, are to be subjects, rather than objects dominated by others.

GIRLY Network therefore, respects the dignity of every person and supports women, children and other vulnerable groups in their efforts to achieve justice; human rights and a sustainable future.

  1. Inclusiveness:

People coming from different backgrounds are to be given opportunity to  make   their contributions. GIRLY  encourages full participation and inclusion of all categories of people in society/community irrespective of their gender.

  1. Accountability:

GIRLY will exercise responsible stewardship of all the resources mobilized. This will be complemented by the highest standards of transparency of its motives and aims, as well as its financial transactions.GIRLY shall also be accountable to its donors, beneficiaries and any other stakeholders/partners.

  1. Compassion:

Motivated by desire for women emancipation and preferential option for the poor and the marginalized. GIRLY is committed to supporting and enhancing the capacities of women, children & other vulnerable organizations to achieve their full potential in life.

  1. Confidentiality: Girly shall strictly observe the principle of confidentiality in relation to the beneficiaries’ personal information provided.All organizational information shall only be disclosed to authorized persons and all staff shall be required to adhere to it.

Aims and Objectives of the Organisation.

  1. To advocate for the eradication of violence against women and girls irrespective of their race, ethnicity, and disability.
  2. To identify and address issues of mental health, substance abuse and violence against women and girls.
  3. To enhance male involvement in the fight for gender equality.
  4. To mentor girls and women by empowering them to recognize their unique potentials in the social, economic and political world.
  5. To introduce and execute viable projects and social enterprises for sustainability of organization projects.
  6. To advance education, particularly (without limitation), promoting and developing education, training and research (making the useful results of such research publicly available for a positive change).
  7. To develop a network for exchanging information on mental health, abuse and supporting victims and survivors of violence.
  8. To integrate gender issues including gender roles analysis in addressing key issues affecting women and girls.
  9. To cultivate, liaise and maintain partnerships with a variety of nongovernmental and

Civil society organizations or individuals aiming at achieving the objectives of the organization.

7.10 To undertake research on issues that affects the target categories directly or indirectly.

  • To do all such things related thereto.