Program Portfolio

The Girl Network is a national organization based in Kampala Uganda. Our Vision  is to create a society where individuals can live dignified lives free from all forms of Gender-Based Violence and reach their full potential.

Through our Education programs and Advocacy initiatives, we are paving the way for innovative approaches to treating trauma, igniting shifts in the way the public views and responds to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, and reforming and advancing policies and legislation in Uganda.

We do this by advising legislators and policy makers, strategically engaging with news media, presenting our work at events, and educating our community through our social media platforms and public education efforts.


So much of the reason survivors carry the weight of these crimes alone is because we as a society don’t talk about them. And the perpetrators of these crimes rely on this silence—they depend on us to look the other way. If we talked about sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse more—and placed the blame on the perpetrators where it belongs—it’s likely that more survivors would come forward and that we, collectively, would meet them with the support and resources to help them heal more fully.


Through our Advocacy work, we seek to improve the criminal justice and community responses to violence and abuse through reforms to laws and policies. We work to bring more compassion and less judgment for survivors and to enhance their access to justice, if that’s what they choose.